General Overview


The need to promote unity, progress, understanding and general well-being among Ndi Anambra through the various Town Unions of Anambra State extraction in Abuja FCT, Nigeria gave rise to the formation of Anambra State Towns (People) Association (ASTPA) – Abuja.


ASTPA was established in September 2003 with 10 towns in attendance. The meeting was convened by the late Chief Sir Paul Emeka EgolumKSJI (Ezeugo). Chief Egolum was known as the convener and later became one of the seven Member Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Association. From the 10 towns at inception, the membership of the Association has grown up to 120(one hundred and twenty) towns out of the 177 communities in Anambra state. Any town union that is not yet a member is probably not in existence in Abuja.


Members of ASTPA are Town Unions and not individuals. Hence, each Town Union is represented at the regular meetings of the Association by four (4) persons namely, the Chairman, Secretary, and 2(two) other persons. ASTPA is functioning on the principle of equality. Each Town Union is neither superior nor inferior to others. Thus, partiality or preferential treatment of one Town Union over and above others has no place in the Association.


The objectives of ASTPA are the following:

  1. To create an assembly of Ndi Anambra residing in Abuja FCT through their respective Town
  2. To create a central forum where each onye Anambra living in Abuja FCT can interact and share common interests, and project the rich cultural heritage of Anambra state.
  3. To identify problems of Anambra State and attempt to identify solutions to such problems.
  4. To project the beautiful image of Anambra State and harness the potentials of Ndi Anambra living in Abuja for socio-economic development of our very dear state and the welfare of our people.
  5. To encourage peaceful and harmonious relationship between and among the Town Unions of Anambra state extraction in Abuja FCT.
  6. To promote peaceful co-existence with other state Associations in Abuja.
  7. To work with the government in power to ensure a sustainable development of Anambra state.


ASTPA is governed by the following structure:

  1. Board of Trustees (BOT)
  2. Patrons/Elders Forum
  3. Executive Team
  4. Standing Committees


ASTPA – Ifeadigo!   ASTPA – Ifeadigo!!  ASTPA – Ifeadigona Anambra!!! 


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